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Bill Cipher's App

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Bill Cipher's App

Post by Bill Cipher on February 18th 2015, 6:04 pm

Full Name: Bill Cipher

Nickname(s): Bill, Triangle guy, Dorito guy, Cipher

Creature or Human:
Creature-Dream Demon

Powers/abilities: -Entering dreams
-Temporal manipulation

Gender: Male (?)

Age: Immortal

Appearance: Bill is a yellow, triangular creature that bears a strong resemblance to an Egyptian Pyramid and the Eye of Providence. He has a single large eye rimmed with four short black lashes on its top and bottom. He moves around mostly by floating about, and rarely actually stands on his own two feet. He has thin, black limbs, wears a small, black bow tie, and has a tall, thin, black top hat that floats just above his head. His arms do not seem to be in any fixed position, and can be moved along his perimeter without any difficulty. When mad, he can turn big and glow red with fire.

Relationship(s): Dipper Pines-Enemy
Mabel Pines-Enemy
Stanford Pines-Enemy
Soos Ramires-Enemy
Gideon Gleeful-Alliance

Personality: Bill is an eccentric, insane, possibly psychopathic and physically irreverent demon who finds most things amusing (although no one is really sure why). He's outrageous and outlandish, as well as a quick talker and thinker. Though he may come across as simply annoying, he's not to be taken lightly; when angered, he's a force to be reckoned with.

Likes: -Pulling teeth out of a deer's mouth
-Transforming into whatever form people fear the most

Dislikes: -Synthesized music
-Deals being off

History/Background: At some point before, the author of Journals 1, 2 and 3 came across him, recording his powers and appearance in the books. He was summoned by Gideon Gleeful to steal the combination to Stanford's vault but was angered when the deal was off after fighting with the Pines and Soos. After the battle he quickly leaves Stan's mind and didn't return until hearing Dipper's frustration for trying to unlock a secret computer. Making a deal with him, Bill took Dipper body as his 'puppet' and took the journal from now ghost Dipper. He had almost succeeded until he grew exhausted by the overwhelmed body and fight with Mabel, giving up the body and book and disappearing once again.
Bill Cipher

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