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Gravity Falls Rules

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Gravity Falls Rules

Post by Bill Cipher on February 18th 2015, 4:53 pm

((OOC:  Before joining, I would like to lay down some rules here for this site!

1.)When registering, make sure your user name is your character's first and last name.
2.) You must complete the application, post it in the Profiles section, and have it be accepted before claiming any canon characters and starting your RP.
3.) Make sure your role-playing is appropriate and does not explicit anything over PG-13, since this is a site for everyone.
4.) Anything that is offensive or rude will result in immediate consequences, so please treat others respectfully and NO BULLYING.
5.) The limit for the amount of profiles you can is 10.
6.) You are allowed to be a canon character, but you will have to stay canon, as in you can not have that character act differently or break out of character.
7.) Any role-playing post must have a minimum limit of 50 words.
8.) If you want to talk to someone Out-Of-Character, you may chat in the chat box, send each other private messages, or demonstrate that you are OOC by replying with ((OOC)) or [OOC].

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to ask me!))
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